Former rogue top cops and pollies alleged cover ups



The biggest cover up of police and political corruption and ineptitude in Australian history, is in part revealed as a result of the release today of the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission’s (IBAC) report, concerning Victoria Police’s controversial use of police informers.

The IBAC Police Informers report was conducted in secret, by former Supreme Court Justice, Murray Kellam.

Both IBAC and Victoria Police force command have enforced strict suppression orders on the explosive report. With legal action underway to make the report revealing high level corruption in operation within Victoria Police, over the past decade made “Top Secret”.

It can be confirmed that the IBAC Police Informers report released today, is believed to contain some partially false components.

There is absolutely no suggestion that Justice Murray Kellam knowingly acted on misinformation allegedly contained within the IBAC Police Informers report.

Insiders also claim that the report appears to allegedly contain some biased and malicious misinformation, about victims of crime, whistle-blowers and Australian journalists.

With untested information allegedly garnered from colorful police informers, the IBAC report is believed to be tainted with
sprinklings of heresy, unsubstantiated gossip, misinformation, malicious defamation, fabricated evidence and uncorroborated bullsh#t.

It is believed that Mr Kellam is an innocent party in the failure to carefully corroborate and disseminate the false assertions
made by criminal informants, allegedly relied upon within the IBAC report.

Questionable evidence from criminal informants is allegedly contained within the IBAC report.

It has been suggested that this IBAC report covers up; the nefarious crimes of global pedophile rings, mass murders linked to global drug cartels, arson during the 2009 Kinglake bush-fires, the full truth about the Hodson murder case, the identity of a man linked to the Bung schoolgirl kidnapping, the iterative leaks and privacy breaches stemming from VicPol and the Labor Party during former Victorian Premier John Brumby’s, reign of terror.

It appears that none of the misinformation and secret evidence embedded in the tainted IBAC report, that originated from dubious police informers, has ever been properly tested in an open and transparent court of law.

Further it has been confirmed that many of the victims of crime, witnesses, whistle blowers and at least one human source named in the defamatory IBAC report, were never given the opportunity to defend patently false and malicious assertions, contained within the report, by some mentally incompetent police informers.

Legal figures claim that for the IBAC report to be taken seriously, that the criminal informants questionable characters and dark pasts, would need to reveal that these individuals are not credible or reliable witnesses.

People close to the investigation have questioned whether the acts of murderous retribution, to innocent people named within the report, in addition to the alleged police interference in many state and federal judicial matters, from 2005 to 2014 is contained within the secret documents?

Key persons of interest, not interviewed to put forward their points of view

It has been revealed in the ABC, Fairfax media and News Ltd newspapers within the past week, that one key police informer was still awaiting to be interviewed by Mr Murray Kellam. IBAC are yet to publicly reveal why this controversial figure was not afforded their input into the Informants report.

Further evidence has been cited to confirm that another key person of interest in the rogue police informer saga, has been waiting by their phone and letter box, since July 2014, for an interview request with Mr Kellam. To reveal the alleged high level corruption of Simon Overland’s time in office, related to the police informants in question.


IBAC report appears to fail to mention the murders of people linked to IBAC report

Observers question whether the murders of individuals linked to the police abuses of power are referenced in the curious report?

It is anticipated that the issue of murderous retribution enacted against gangland members Carl Williams and the former ethical police informer, Mr Terry Hodson and his wife, are referenced within the Informers report.

Further the subsequent torture, surreptitious surveillance, murders and suspicious deaths of many people who are connected to the rogue informants in question, also seem to be absent from the IBAC report.

All of these dark events transpired after VicPol former Chief, Mr Overland conveniently covered up over a decades worth of
murderous slayings, alleged political corruption, police interference in judicial matters, leaks to third parties and cosy protection rackets given to all criminal informants and some contract killers in the mafia.

In point of fact many of the people named in IBAC’s report who are distantly connected to the rogue police informants scandal, have either been murdered or died in suspicious circumstances in recent years.

It would surprise no one connected to this shameful episode in Victoria Polices history, if these facts appear to be omitted from IBAC’s Police Informer report.

The question is why were these innocent people murdered? And who benefits from their untimely deaths?

Many questions remain about tainted evidence, false informant statements and cover ups of criminal activity

Its important to query why did former VicPol Police Chief Simon Overland and Vicpol Director of Communications, Nicole McKechnie and controversial police figure “Lawyer X”, all receive significant financial inducements, courtesy of Victorian tax payers, to walk away quietly from the biggest corruption scandal in Australian history?

A scandal architected and overseen by Mr Overland?

Legal evidence has been cited that forewarned IBAC and the Victorian government solicitors in both 2013 and 2014, that the information they relied upon, by some mentally incompetent police informers, many of whom were schizophrenics, drug dealers, professional con artists, murderers, drug addicts and alcoholics, were all actuated by malice and financial gain.

These revelations are enough to taint all the evidence gathered under the controversial telephone surveillance intercepts and allow for the permanent destruction of all the dubious evidence, that was submitted to various courts of law.

The provision of false and misleading evidence to the judicial system, signifies multiple breaches of the rule of law, an absolute disregard for the rules of evidence and all global human rights doctrines.

These nefarious VicPol police informers activities, in effect have destroyed the curial process of the justice system and decimated Australia’s social cohesion and trust between the people, the police and the body politic.

It has previously been reported that the alleged police informants had boasted how they were allegedly given lucrative government contracts, tax payer grants, financial and in kind benefits, reduction and destruction of their past criminal matters and further quashing of their voluminous parking fines, in exchange for their roles in misleading and deceiving police and the Victorian Supreme Court, to grant oppressive surveillance warrants on innocent civilians.

Innocent police targets allegedly tortured and murdered, as a result of VicPol ineptitude and negligence

Victoria Police’s dark past oversaw more than hundreds of incidents were innocent civilians, targeted by rogue police informants, were allegedly murdered by proponents of the State of Victoria and their Calabrian and Russian mafia political sponsors, over the past two years.

The Melbourne based godfather of the Calabrian mafia, has openly boasted to the Australian media of how he has never been found guilty of his alleged roles in many murders.

The reason being, that so that many of his victims, their family members and friends have allegedly been murdered and rogue police in the not so distant past, appeared to turn a blind eye to his criminal activity.

Qualified intelligence suggests that this mafia hit mans kill count, is now well above 100 people and counting.

Of important note Victorian bikies have for many years exclaimed that Hitler and Stalin would be proud of Simon Overland’s and former Victorian Premier Brumby’s roles, in allegedly covering up and silencing victims of crimes.

It appears birds of a feather flock together, in Australia.


Vicpol negligence in failure to protect witnesses and persons and interest confirmed

It is also observed with disquiet, that VicPol has manifestly failed to protect honest and ethical people, witnesses and victims of crime who previously come to them with information about criminal activity.

This fact has been publicly confirmed by Justice Kellam, who stated in his IBAC report;

that Victoria Police had failed to act in accordance with appropriate policies and
guidelines….(and also) found negligence of a high order in the management of human source
information by Victoria Police.

Conversely it appears that VicPol and IBAC have protected and rewarded mentally incompetent criminal informants, who have proffered knowingly false mis-information to both VicPol and the Victorian Supreme Court.

Perjured actions that financially benefit the criminal informants and reward police and politicians of the day, with tainted evidence acquired at any costs, to utilize in criminal prosecutions, with tainted evidence.

Even if those costs meant sacrificing the lives, health, marriages and reputations of many innocent people in the process.

It has been noted that VicPol and the former OPI’s mishandling of police informants and human sources, has resulted in rogue police allegedly making perjured statements to the Victorian Supreme Court.

Such criminal actions represent misleading and deceptive conduct, a perversion of the course of justice and misconduct in public office, et al.

It can also be confirmed that VicPol informants were allegedly responsible for prejudicing civil and criminal legal trials and contributing to gross miscarriages of justice, in a number of judicial matters.

More often than not in exchange for reduction or neutralization of their former criminal infractions and transport related fines.

Intelligence and evidence cited has confirmed that the criminal informants have allegedly prejudiced at least nine civil and criminal legal trails in Victoria, at a state and federal level, from 2005 to 2014.

These revelations do not include VicPol alleged conspiracy’s against many gangland criminals, who were charged and jailed with tainted evidence. That resulted from incompetent criminal informants allegedly making false statements to the police and the Supreme Court.

The roles of the rogue police informants in question, appears to have been to attack the credibility of witnesses, who held valuable information, about high level police and political corruption scandals.

Questions remain about VicPol, IBAC and government failings towards innocent witnesses and victims of crime

It has also been confirmed that VicPol, IBAC, Victorian Government Solicitors, the AFP, ASIO, the Liberal National Party and the Labor Party, have all failed to apologize to innocent victims, whose family members were allegedly tortured, murdered and consistently denied justice, as a result of VicPol’s rogue police informers corrupt practices.

Colorful politicians political resignations, linked to criminal informant scandal

It can also be revealed that former Prime Minster Julia Gillard was forced to resign her Prime Minister-ship, due to her and her ALP colleague Bill Shorten’s, alleged involvement in orchestrating false statements, by police rogue informants, that were tendered to the authorities.

Furthermore former federal Attorney General Nicola Roxon was also allegedly instrumental in supporting and co-architecting, in concert with mentally incompetent police informants, knowingly false and misleading statements, that were tendered a s false evidence in the Police Informants scandal.

It is claimed this course of conduct was undertaken, allegedly in exchange for granting surreptitious surveillance powers, to law enforcement agencies, that were utilized to harass, stalk, terrorize, torture and murder innocent Australian targets.

It can be further revealed that both state and federal governments and rogue police, allegedly misused the surveillance apparatus, to secure and on sell valuable intellectual property stolen from VicPol surveillance targets, as a result of the police informer scandal.

This is what is meant by many ALP politicians and their faceless Sussex Street supporters, consistent references to their “mistakes” made in the past.

Moreover former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu and former deputy premier and police minister Peter Ryan, as well as former Labor party police minister Tim Holding, former ALP mental health minister Bronwyn Pike and former LNP tertiary education minister Peter Hall et al, all resigned in dubious circumstances, as a result of their alleged roles in protecting and or supporting the aforementioned criminal informants, with tax payer funded benefits and /or in kind benefits.

A significant amount of evidence has been cited to confirm these truths.

It is alleged that these questionable political resignations are all due to these ministers alleged involvement in knowingly acting on misinformation, from rogue and incompetent police informants.

Actions it should be said that led to many criminals being jailed on tainted evidence.

Further promoting the government of the day’s, strong arm, law enforcement credentials.

These heinous crimes are in breach of the rule of law and all human rights instruments across the globe.

The cover ups of government sanctioned systematic torture and murder, in the criminal informant crisis continues

Questionable and inept politicians, their political associates and many of their advisers, were allegedly instrumental in covering up the torture and murders of innocent Australian surveillance targets.

Th IBAC Police Informers report, also allegedly covers up the Victorian government’s political abuse of psychiatry. A system of control so dark that it has conveniently been utilized over the past ten or more years, to systematically silence, torture and permanently dispose of more than hundreds of innocent witnesses, whistle blowers, victims of political and police corruption, police bashing’s and torture, and subjects of false criminal charges.

Rogue police informants have confirmed in early December 2014, that government officials allegedly intimated to them at the time, to forget about their pasts and their roles in knowingly making false, malicious, and perjured statements to the authorities, to grant oppressive and tainted surveillance warrants.

Warrants is should be stated that led to the alleged state sanctioned torture and murder of many innocent people.

These malicious statements resulted in a police corruption crisis and the premature termination of former Victoria Police Chief, Simon Overland’s career, in Victoria.

It has been noted that Mr Overland was widely viewed as the Labor Party’s rent boy.

A stake is driven through the heart of the police and justice systems

The curious IBAC Police Informers report, drives a stake through the heart of the Victorian justice and policing systems.

And further queries the effectiveness of anti corruption and intelligence oversight agencies, operating within both Victoria and Australia.

The revelations contained within the IBAC police informers report detail; a broken judiciary, a dysfunctional police force, a tainted body politic and the State of Victoria on terminal life support.

Many criminals, lawyers, human rights activists, journalists, victims of crime, whistle blowers and witnesses, remain disquieted that it appears either VicPol, IBAC or incompetent criminal informants, have allegedly misled the Executive, with what seems to be such a one sided and tainted Police Informer report.

A report that appears to be reliant on knowingly false and misleading information, from police informants.

It should be said that evidence and false assertions allegedly contained within the report from criminal informants, maintains the unenviable position of never have been exposed to the light of the day, to test the evidence it relies upon.

There remain widespread concerns that misinformation from colorful police and incompetent criminal informants are presented as fact. When their is a solid likelihood that their “evidence” is tainted and in point of fact driven by greed and /or retribution.

It should be stated that the statements and evidence allegedly given to Justice Kellam, by former top cops, would be for the most part, truthful and accurate conforming to each of these individuals points of view.

The long history of questionable criminal informants, being utilized to bring down Simon Overland’s opponents

It has been noted that in the past police wars, that tainted criminal informants statements, were instrumental in short circuiting, former top cop Sir Ken Jones,  Australian policing career.

Naturally former police chief Simon Overland, was the beneficiary of such an abuse of process and breach of power.

These human source and informants evidence, was also allegedly misused and twisted, to destroy the policing careers of former assistant commissioner Noel Ashby and former Police Association secretary Paul Mullett.

Again Simon Overland benefited from such leaks of misinformation from unlawful telephone surveillance intercepts.

As his two main rivals for his job, were ousted, with the support of a compliant media, who were fed false and misleading propaganda.

Additionally it has been confirmed that tainted evidence gathered during Mr Overland’s dark reign of power at VicPol, should never have been utilized in any legal proceedings. This secret evidence is tainted and should have been struck out in all legal proceedings.

Such practices breaches the rules of evidence and corrupts the judicial processes.Calabrian mafia hitman

False and tainted evidence may result in gangland criminals early release from jail and protection to allegedly corrupt police and former OPI executives

The false and misleading evidence garnered form criminal informants, casts grave doubt about the prosecutions of many underworld figures.

Including the incarceration of Greek gangland drug lord, Tony Mokbel et al.

It is further alleged that VicPol, IBAC and Victorian government solicitors previously fed perjurious misinformation to the public and also to the Supreme Court of Victoria, to suppress the truth about the tainted police evidence, that originated from questionable criminal informants.

No rational minded person can understand why former OPI staff, who were alleged to be instrumental in committing crimes against people named in the curious IBAC Police Informers report, were ever allowed to put their dirty fingers over and interfere in the IBAC police informer investigation.

It appears the alleged corruption of former OPI staff and VicPol executives have been whitewashed in the IBAC Police Informers report and replaced with defamatory nonsense, designed to attack the credibility of innocent parties in its place.

When the full contents of the dubious IBAC report becomes public, the full links between the Calabrian mafia, the Russian mafia, the CFMEU and all the torture, acts of retribution and suspicious deaths of underworld figures, innocent civilians, whistle-blowers, victims of crime and witnesses, will be exposed to the light of day.

Then the public will fully understand the extraordinary lengths that some Victorian and Federal government agencies, VicPol, OPI, ASIO, AFP and ACC, in addition to the Labor party and the Liberal National Party have been allegedly corrupted.

Allegations of political interference in police matters leads to collapse of the house of cards

It remains to be seen whether Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew, will attempt to release or suppress to the public the controversial Police Informers report. Hence giving Australia an opening a door and revealing the extent of corruption within operation, at the former OPI and VicPol.

It has been observed that former Premiers Dennis Napthine and former Victorian police minister Peter Ryan, were instrumental in allegedly breaching the separation of powers doctrine, in this criminal informants matter, during early 2014.

With the Victorian LNP acting in tandem with IBAC and the government solicitors to suppress the truth of their alleged roles in political abuse of power at play, in the informant scandal. Legal evidence has been cited to confirm these truths.

It is believed that both Ryan and Napthine’s reputations will be moderately tarnished in the Informants report.

It is imperative to question whether any interference allegedly stemming from Tony Abbott’s office, in 2014, has been detailed in the IBAC report?

It is also timely to query whether Prime Minister Abbott’s office, alleged manipulative leaking and interference in the police informer scandal will ever be publicly revealed, is a moot point.

As Tony Abbott’s career as Prime Minister, will o its current trajectory end some time around 2015, regardless of whether the public is made aware of the classified secrets being leaked to organized crime and Liberal Party cliques.

This highly damaging IBAC report may also signal the end of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews political career. Rogue police informants were hired when Mr Andrews was health minister in the former Victorian Brumby government. Explosive revelations of alleged high level corruption in operation between the Victorian Labor party and the CFMEU , have yet to be canvassed within the public domain.

Mr Andrews, the Labor Party and the CFMEU’s alleged involvement in covering up past criminal activities, will soon be
flung like emu dukkha, around the Royal Commission into Union Corruption’s hearings.

The IBAC Police Informers report of dark tales of; suppressed murder, fraud and government retribution, is predicted to soon lead to further public revelations of alleged high level corruption, previously in operation at VicPol, the AFP, ASIO and the ACC.

The contents of the IBAC report from former colorful police and criminal informants appear to be one sided, inaccurate and highly defamatory towards at least one human source, innocent whistle blowers, witnesses and victims of crime.
Such biased reporting may soon spell the continued decline in public support and slow burning demise and absolute decimation of the Labor Party, the Liberal National Party,IBAC, Victoria Police, ASIO and the AFP.

This public release of a section of the questionable IBAC Police Informers report, signifies the beginning of the end game of everything that Australians hold dear.

It is predicted that internal blood fighting and leaks within such government agencies, will in 2015 explode into the public domain.

And every dirt rat involved in the police informant scandal, will begin to jump ship and sling mud and blame at their dirty comrades.

Moreover it is anticipated that 2015 will witness the beginning of the end for both the Liberal National Party and the Australian Labor Party.

The predicted collapse of Australian institutions will have extraordinary flow on effects, setting in place an unstoppable revolution that will spread like wildfire across the world.

A revolution of epic proportions will subtly take down and destroy corrupt governments, rogue police and intelligence agencies, pedophile rings, mafia hit men, drug trafficking entities, corrupt financial institutions, dodgy insurance companies, dark double-dealing media agents, and everything illegitimate, criminal and corrupt in their wake.

Corrupt government agencies, broken justice systems, rogue police agencies, cancerous political parties and rotting intelligence agencies, are predicted to com-bust and collapse over the course of the 2015 year.

To be rebuilt again during 2016 in a more robust and ethical framework.

Viv la Revolution! ….

Read history of the IBAC files here

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