The political dark arts of blood money, shadowy spooks, torture and murder, is under the spotlight.


The political dark arts of corrupt politicians receiving “blood money”, from colorful characters that reside within right-wing extremist cults and property development firms, is under the spotlight.   Additionally the chicanery acts of shadowy spooks, that aim to silence their victims, also requires a light house to shine a light on the drowning souls, subjected to mass human rights violations and abuses of power.

The shinning of powerful spotlights into dark places, is required now in Australia, more than ever, due to the pending introduction of Australia’s new anti-terrorism laws.  Questionable laws which on prima facie, appear to be designed to silence journalists from exposing the corrupt practices of the establishment.

If these draconian anti-terrorism legislative pieces are enacted, it is conceivable that many thousands of iterative intelligence failures, police abuses of power and political “mistakes”, will conveniently be swept under the carpet and covered up from public scrutiny.

It has been observed across Australia that media entities, journalists, lawyers, civil libertarians and human rights advocates, all share solemn concerns about the Australian governments’ proposed new anti-terror laws.

This Orwellian legislation appears to give free rein to ASIO, the federal Attorney General and Australian and its partner “Five Eye” law enforcement agencies, to commit criminal acts, against innocent Australian; citizens, residents, visitors and refugees.  In breach of all international laws and human rights scriptures.


Law enforcement and intelligence agency “mistakes” and their corresponding abuses of power, have led to loss of faith in the Australian government

From a historical perspective Australian government agencies, inclusive of ASIO, Victoria Police, Victoria’s former Office of Police Integrity, (OPI) the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission, have made frightful “mistakes”, in their long standing practice of not validating and corroborating misleading intelligence, from various sources.  Inclusive of intelligence originating from; the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office and allegedly corrupt police informers et al.

This acceptance of gross ineptitude, has led to innocent Australian citizens being tortured to death.  With what appears to be the full knowledge and approval of some dubious members of  various Australian government agencies.  Questionable actors that reside within ASIO, the AFP, and Victoria Police (VicPol), are alleged to have been deeply complicit, in these shocking crimes and human rights abuses.

In point of fact, unlawful phone taps captured, during former VicPol police Chief, Simon Overland’s time in power, expose allegedly corrupt public servants, making full admissions, that the government gave them the power to torture and kill innocent Australian citizens. Not one single government official has ever denied this assertion.

VicPol appear united with senior government solicitors, who have stated that they never intended that the public learn their secrets (related to government and police corruption and criminality – emphasis added).

The alleged corruption and cash for fake intelligence abuses would never have come to light, if it were not for the efforts of a few investigative journalists, whistle-blowers, human rights advocates, and bloggers, who acted to shine a powerful spotlight into the dark corridors of power.  In the process highlighting the need to remedy the many government and police “mistakes”, and abuses of power in an open and timely fashion.

It has been observed from a global perspective that transparency and accountability in action, by whistle-blowers, journalists, government stakeholders, police chiefs and members of the public, who assist to publicly expose and remedy criminal activity and government wrongdoing, enhances the democratic framework essential to maintain and grow into a healthy and economically prosperous society.

In point of fact it has been noted that Australia is a safer, more harmonious, more economically efficient and productive, better place to live, work and visit, when the democracy threads are alive and vibrant within all levels of society.

The Royal Commission into Union corruption promotes democracy in action

It is through the revelations of intelligence failures, police incompetence and alleged political corruption, that the Royal

Commission into Union Corruption was instigated.  To investigate political “slush funds” and the allegedly corrupt practices, involving some dubious practices in operation within the Australian union movement.

It has been observed that ethical union leaders and construction industry bosses, that support the flushing out of the; cancerous procedures, greed, thuggery, intimidation and criminality in action within some unions, assist to promote faith, productivity and integrity, within the Labor dominated union sector.

It effect the Royal Commission investigation into the Union mechanism, showcases public accountability and democracy in action.


The high level infiltration and corruption of Australian law enforcement and intelligence agencies is a cause for concern 

Additional exposures of political and union “dirt”, from some journalists, and whistle-blowers, over recent years, have also led to revelations that criminal elements, inclusive of the; Italian mafia, the Russian mafia, Asian crime gangs, the Indian mafia and Mexican drug cartels, had indeed previously infiltrated and corrupted components of Vicpol, ASIO and many other government agencies.

To his credit Vicpol Chief, Ken Lay has publicly admitted this fact.

Recently the AFP have investigated claims that Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated Australian organizations.  As a result confirming that indeed South American crime networks were actually influencing Australian government operations.

Former Chief spook, David Irvine, has failed to public admit his agency’s intelligence failures.  Alarmingly former ASIO Chief spook, David Irvine, previously acted on some criminal informant’s misinformation, which allegedly led to at least three innocent Australian citizens, suspicious deaths.

During the process  of Australian government cover ups of “mistakes” and its associated “national security” rhetoric, it has been observed that the Australian public have lost faith in ASIO’s ability to ethically perform its role, with integrity.

Many Australian’s perceive ASIO ineptitude an consistent failure to identify,  analyze, or genuine counter intelligence threats, from foreign crime networks or international actors.

It has been noted with disquiet that ASIO rarely, if ever affords legal redress, to the innocent victims, bystanders and their family members, who have been wrongly detained without trial, charged, tortured and in some cases murdered, due to ASIO’s intelligence failures.

Australia’s abysmal treatment of its international refugees, who are given adverse security assessments, based on “secret intelligence”, that they are unable to know about, yet alone legally challenge is a case in point, of ASIO’s failure to comprehend genuine intelligence threats.




Intelligence failures, government and police leaks have resulted in innocent Australian citizens, being tortured and murdered.

One of the unfortunate souls who was allegedly murdered, within the past year, with the alleged assistance of several Australian government departments, was killed as a result of intelligence failures, alleged police leaks and political corruption.

Evidence cited, suggests this man was allegedly killed by an undercover intelligence agent.

This innocent Australian citizen died a painful death, as a result of VicPol privacy breaches and intelligence betrayals. Due to alleged ASIO human sources leaks, of the innocent targets phone transcripts, to organised crime networks.

In the case of the aforementioned innocent Australian (non Muslim) citizen being murdered, the female honey pot believed to be responsible for the mans murder, claimed to be an undercover agent, for a shadowy government organization. For legal reasons, we will never publicly reveal her identity.

Other untimely deaths that VicPol, AFP and ASIO were allegedly complicit in, due to their bumbling incompetence, involved many other innocent young men being tortured to death.

One of these shameful human rights abuses occurred, despite this mans family member begging many politicians, and government agencies, inclusive of Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC), to cease the unlawful surveillance and torture activities. And to also release the false intelligence, used to justify his torture, to enable them to amend the intelligence  “mistakes”, made by the government the agencies in question.

Curiously in this matter, IBAC’s lawyers stated that Parliament did not intend for its secrets to be made public. The Crimes (Secrets) Act, 1914, is now often the reason given as an excuse, for the torture and murder, of innocent Australian civilians.

It appears a common reason for suspicious deaths, are due to the alleged retribution by members of the extremist right-wing cult, the Exclusive Brethren and the Calabrian mafia.  Delusional mafia informants often torture and kill suspected whistleblowers, if they perceive that they have provided authorities with intelligence of their criminal activities.

It is pertinent to note that the mafia killers often suffer mental health problems, inclusive of delusions.  a growing number of murderous fueled rages and dissapearances of innocent people are believed to due to mafia retribution.

In modern day Australia, retribution often presents itself in the form of blood money being handed to colorful politicians, who in turn misuse the security apparatus and public servants to silence their targets.

It is the authors opinion that there are at least several hundred more cases of untimely and violent deaths and human rights abuse matters of a similar nature, that have transpired within Australia, in recent years.

For reasons that are yet to be publicly explained, the torture and suspicious death rate of Australian citizens and refugees, increased significantly when former ALP MP, Julia Gillard was Prime Minster.

Moreover the instigation of shocking human rights abuses, began to escalate, to dizzying heights, when the former Labor Party’s, Victorian premier, John Brumby was in office

The state sanctioned torture and murder of innocent civilians, often correlates with documented rises in political donations being channeled from colorful property developers and religious cults, to political parties, of both ends of the spectrum.


Government targets are tortured to death in secret jurisdictions

People may ask why these incidents of torture and murder of Australian citizens, have never been reported to parliament the public or the media?

The answer is that it seems that the Australian government is allegedly using different channels and jurisdictions, to evade public scrutiny of their systematic torture of their Australian targets.

What has not been publicly discussed is the Australian government’s willingness to dispose of innocent; human rights advocates, whistle-blowers, criminal witnesses and child sex abuse victims et al, through the practice of allegedly torturing them to death, in the tax payer funded, mental health system.

One such course of action allegedly involves utilizing anti-terrorist police, to raid innocent targets homes and extract them under threat of execution. These targets are then forcibly detained in jail cells and psychiatric wards. The public and media are never advised of these secret detentions, as the subjects are unlawfully detailed under dubious codes, not reported to Parliament.

This serious human rights abuse practice is known as; the political abuse of psychiatry. It is often utilized in totalitarian regimes such as; Russia, China and other dubious Orwellian command and control systems, where darkness and government terror campaigns rein supreme.

It has been observed over the past eight or so years, that extremists cults and crime networks, such as the Italian mafia often utilize Australia’s cashed up and tax payer funded mental health system, to permanently dispose of witnesses to their many crimes.

It has been noted that innocent Australian government targets, detained by police and ASIO spooks, are initially stripped naked and locked in solitary confinement, for weeks and months on end, without legal representation.

After this period of time, it is suggested that mental health, legal practitioners and consumer advocates, that embed eavesdropping bugs into the walls of some of these psychiatric facilities, to monitor the discussions of their subjects.

It has also been observed that some government targets are given extraordinarily large and toxic doses of pharmaceuticals, many of which have not been given ethical or industry approval for human consumption.

Industry insiders claim that there have been cases within Australia, whereby innocent citizens have been detained and tortured for months and years on end, within psychiatric wards, to the point of organ failure and death.

As a result of these heinous human rights violations, all known targets that we are aware of, have died painful deaths, before their time.

It has been noted with gratitude that some ethical media reports from both Fairfax and New Limited journalists, have in some instances exposed with dignity the suspicious deaths and systematic torture, pertaining to political psychiatric abuse, in the mental health system, with the subjects’ families blessing.


Dubious criminal informants provide tainted intelligence to Australian government, in order to ensure their targets are subjected to state sanctioned torture and murder

Moreover it has been observed that some questionable criminal informants, have made false statements about Australian targets, which government agencies failed to verify.  Resulting in the state sanctioned torture and murder of the informants targets.

It appears the motives of such criminal informants, passing on malicious misinformation to the police and ASIO, was always been financial gain and in some cases these dubious individuals appeared to be motivated by malice.


Washed up foreign spooks, and contractors spreading ineptitude and misinformation across Australian government spectrum 

It has also been noted with disquiet that foreign intelligence agents and washed up former CIA informants, have allegedly been given significant tax payer funds, to propagate misinformation to various Australian intelligence and police organizations.

It is pertinent to point out that many of these foreign agents have significant mental health problems and substance abuse disorders.

In some cases bygone spooks have been unceremoniously sacked from their former employ, due to corruption issues and in certain cases, their alleged involvement in pedophile rings.

Which begs the question, as to why Australian government agencies are not doing due diligence on foreign agents operating within Australian jurisdictions?

One may ponder why is the Australian government acting on misinformation from known dubious sources?

Actions which have resulted in the spreading of profoundly negative consequences of abuses of power being spread across Australia?

Australian citizens have an inherent right to question why we are funding the malicious propagation, the systematic torture and murder of innocent citizens and refugees, to support the luxurious and carefree lifestyles, of criminal entities and washed up foreign spooks?


Wholesale loss of faith in Australian government sanctioned abuse of power

Government cover ups of systematic torture and deaths of Australian citizens, residents and refugees, result in a wholesale loss of public’s faith in body politic.

These aforementioned dark practices make a mockery of Senator Brandis’s proposed national security legislation, as in point of fact, organized crime, torture and murder will flourish under the dark cloak, designed to cover up criminal wrong doing, by government agents and contractors.

It has previously been observed that Victorian bikies publicly praised former Premier John Brumby and former police Chief Simon Overland, for their alleged roles in silencing victims of crimes and criminal witnesses. With the bikies stating that Hitler and Stalin would be proud of their (Brumby and Overland’s) efforts.

The practice of utilizing tax payer funded political abuse of psychiatry to silence, torture and murder targets, is alleged to be what practices the bikies where referring to.

Furthermore, it has been noted, according to a Churchill Fellowship report, from around the 2006 period, that the State of Victoria maintains the worst human rights record, pertaining to the psychiatric abuse, torture and violent and unnatural deaths,of its citizens. This global kill rate is the highest per capita, of any jurisdiction, in the world. (Note: For unexplained reasons this Churchill Fellowship report, has been removed from the public domain.)

These shocking abuses of power are not facts that current or former Victorian Premier’s and mental health ministers,; Dennis Napthine, Ted Baillieu, John Brumby, Bronwyn Pike or Mary Wooldridge, should be proud of.

As a consequence, of the Australian government and ASIO’s juvenile attitude, to not discuss “national security” matters, the silent state of play in relation to the state sanctioned torture and murder of innocent civilians, has resulted in many members of the Australian public losing complete faith in ASIO and their state and federal governments.

Moreover it has been observed that citizens are losing confidence in both the state and federal governments.  Due to many alleged political corruption scandals, government ineptitude, intelligence “mistakes”, the suspicious deaths of innocent targets and the shameful cover ups enacted by many public servants.

All paid for with tax payers money and actioned in the name of “national security” and the “war on terror”.

Democracy for sale in Australia, leaves some politicians with blood on their hands

The growing practice of the provision of “blood money” from colorful property developers, extremist cults, such as the exclusive brethren and their associated financial bankers, inclusive of the National Australian Bank, has tainted the body politic and Australian democracy as an entity.

International laws and human rights doctrines all make provisions for Australian citizens, residents and refugees, their legal counsel, journalists, bloggers and human rights monitors, who all have an inherent legal and moral right to investigate, publicly expose and hold to account political and governmental abuses of power.

Furthermore democratic practices, require powerful spotlights to shine a light on the dark practices of; intelligence failures, government ineptitude, police corruption and political abuses of power. This is necessary for society to maintain harmonious, prosperous and peaceful inter-relations.

The Abbott governments threats of attempting to utilize new anti-terrorism laws, to silence journalists and bloggers, with warnings of jail terms, is reminiscent of archaic and ill-considered actions, practiced in the worst totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, across the globe. Inclusive of the historical failures of the Gestapo and Nani regimes

Senator George Brandis’ role in introducing national security laws, which erode free speech and punish the fourth estate for doing their job, which includes exposing criminal wrongdoing, abuse of power by state agents and dark politicians, as well as ensuring that the Separation of Powers Doctrine is adhered to, will only ever led to; revolutions and the rapid downfall and collapse of government entities and political parties.

Viv la revolution !


The aforementioned opinions are the author and their CREW’s own and are not informed by blood money from colorful property developers, police informers, dark politicians, dubious bank chiefs or extremists right-wing cults.

These words are protected forms of free speech, as detailed in Article 19 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Doctrine, (1948).

Sky York and CREW hold no evidence whatsoever, in hard copy, electronic or back up form, pertaining to this article or any other articles of this platform.

Additionally all of our evidence has been treated with military grade encryption and stored with our international partners, in international jurisdictions. We do not hold the keys to these communications.

Copyright Notice: The Copyright owner gives permission to re-use 70 words from each article on this website, with written acknowledgement of the author and source URL, in your work, book, newspaper or website article, .  Any breaches of this Copyright violation will be subject to litigation and public naming and shaming.

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