Australian dirty spies are as ‘dumb’ and allegedly ‘bent’, as ever

Australian dirty spies, who engage in mass human rights breaches and criminal activity, are entering into a new age of darkness, soon to be fully endorsed by the federal Australia government. So great is the alleged corruption among some of Australia’s law enforcement agencies, that it is predicted that on its current trajectory, Australia’s economy will completely collapse within three years, or sooner.

political corruption

Aussie spies continued practice of engaging in criminal activity, against innocent citizens

Disquiet is running high about ASIO’s continued practice of allegedly engaging in mass human rights abuses, systematic torture and criminal activity, targeted towards innocent Australian citizens.

Australian spooks and some law enforcement agencies have allegedly been engaged in criminal activity, directed towards innocent Australian citizens, since Chief Spook David Irving, began managing ASIO.

It has been noted that these dark arts engaged in by some Australian spies, has increased markedly since Julia Gillard was Prime Minister.

A dirty big secret, known among well informed Australian people, reveals the hidden underbelly, of acts of bastardy, enacted in by some Australia’s spies, as well as some rogue cops.

These alleged criminal infractions include; systematic torture of innocent Australian citizens; fabrication and destruction of evidence tendered to courts; large scale theft of intellectual property, which is on sold to large Australian commercial organisations, interference in Australian citizens online communications; surveillance of people, motor vehicles and mobile phones; mass propagation and disinformation campaigns directed towards innocent Australians, designed to cause terror, defamation and chaos; break and enter of residential premise and theft and copying of innocent and benign business and personal data; in addition to the interference and mass surveillance activities enacted within Australia’s university sector.

Criminal informants have destroyed the trust society places in law enforcement agencies

It is a matter of public record that criminal elements, that claim to be associated with the Italian and Russian mafia’s, the Indian mafia, South American drug cartels, the Asian Triads and various bikie gangs, claim to have infiltrated ASIO, the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Victoria Police and the former Office of Police Integrity (OPI).

It has been noted that Victoria Police Chief Ken Lay, has confirmed that indeed criminal elements had infiltrated Victoria Police, over the past eight years or so.

Additionally it has been observed that these same criminal elements, claim they have infiltrated Australian law enforcement and intelligence agencies, are living the high life on the back of Australian tax payers. It seems it pays well to be a criminal informant in Australia.

In fact some criminals exclusively make their income from proffering false and misleading statements to police and intelligence agencies, in exchange for lucrative government contracts, from agencies such as CenITex, Metro Trains, the Department of Defense, and many state and federal government departments, law courts and law enforcement agencies.

It is a matter of fact that most of these criminal informants in question, suffer from many mental illnesses, inclusive of; schizophrenia, paranoid delusions, anti-social personality disorders, pathological dishonesty and drug and alcohol addictions.

It is also important to note that a large number of criminal informants, that claim to have infiltrated ASIO, Victoria Police, OPI and the AFP, boast about how “dumb” ASIO spooks, the police, government servants and politicians are, for believing and acting on the misinformation, that they have purposely fed into these government agencies.

Criminal informants infiltrating Australian law enforcement agencies, have perfected their infiltration and misinformation campaigns to such a degree, that they openly discuss among their criminal associates, methods to assist other criminals to infiltrate most government agencies, when they wish to travel overseas on free holidays, need cash to pay for their luxurious lifestyle and drug habits, or they simply wish to secure properties and land for cash, with their ill gotten proceeds of crime, derived from government agencies. Lets not forget that this alleged criminal activity, is all funded by Australian taxpayers.

It is interesting to observe numerous cases where whistle blowers have in fact complained to the Victorian government agencies, about the criminal activity of criminal informants and law enforcement agencies, resulting in them being summarily dismissed and silenced and in many cases tortured and in few cases in recent years murdered, in “suspicious” deaths.

ppl no corruption

No oversight mechanisms to hold rogue criminal elements to account, for their criminal activity, misinformation campaigns and mass human rights abuses.

Currently there is no proper functioning Victorian anti-corruption body, that genuinely investigates and holds to account criminal activity of corrupt politicians, government officials and dirty spooks, within the state of Victoria.

Victoria’s current anti-corruption body, IBAC is so dysfunctional, that since its inception, it has uncovered no evidence of government or police corruption.

Instead IBAC has created a trail of destruction, multiple scandals, in addition to iterative cover ups, allegedly behalf of; contract killers, international drug traffickers, money launderers, pedophiles, rapists, fraudsters and con artists.

Individuals that have had dealings with IBAC, warn all Victorians and indeed Australians, especially victims of crime and whistle-blowers, to steer well clear of the IBAC agency.

These individuals cite evidence of being subjected to acts of retribution, interference in legal matters, repressive surveillance, break and enter into their residential premises, defamation campaigns, interference in both their online and telecommunications communications, as well as being subjected to interference in their employment, businesses, personal friendships, university studies and social activities.

It is pertinent to note that IBAC has a proven track record of failure. Its failure rate operating as IBAC and the former Office of Police Integrity (OPI), is sitting at around 100%. These are not statistics to be proud of.

It has long been known by informed peoples, that IBAC was structured purely to silence victims of crime, whistle-blowers and human rights advocates. To date there is no oversight mechanism to manage the alleged gross ineptitude and corruption, that is the misery of IBAC.

Former Premier Ted Baillieu, current premier Dennis Napthine and former LNP Corruption Minister, Andrew McIntosh, should be ashamed that they have created a monster of an organisation in IBAC, that rivals its predecessor OPI, which is often referred to as model of the famed Stasi and Gestapo agencies.

It has been observed that The Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, whose role is to oversee abuses of power within ASIO and Australia’s law enforcement agencies, has manifestly failed in its duty of care, to protect innocent Australian citizens from harm, from their own government agencies, in addition to the global security apparatus.

ASIO provides close to no value to Australian consumers, in exchange for increased erosion of human rights and civil liberties

It has also been noted that in recent years that ASIO has completely mislead both parliament and the Australian people, about its role in the systematic torture, human rights abuses and surreptitious surveillance and criminal activity leveled at many innocent Australian citizens.

Surveillance, interference, theft and systematic torture, which ASIO allegedly actioned on behalf of international government agencies, commercial organisations and religious cults, who generously “sponsor” corrupt politicians.

In other words the democratic spying activities within Australia, is open to manipulation from cleverly hidden and well funded entities, who operate and pull strings behind the scenes.

It has been further observed that ASIO’s failure rate, in gathering and analyzing intelligence information, is around 98 to 99%percent.

Essentially ASIO’s “services” provides zero value, to the Australian community.

Conversely the ill will, lack of trust in government actions and significant health and financial suffering that ASIO targets suffer, at the hands of their unrestrained, tax payer funded spooks dirty tricks, far outweighs the sorry excuses for ASIO’s continued existence, as an organisation.

You would think that an organisation of ASIO, Victoria Police and the AFP’s size, would re-examine the “lessons learned” sections in their previous intelligence failures, with Mohamed Haneef, the VicPol / OPI, Simon Overland abuse of power scandal and The Estate Property Group abuse of power cover ups, to realize that process related abuses, lead to the mass destruction and catastrophic decline across social, economic and political spectrum’s.

cyber spies

Trust in Australian University sector at an all time low, due alleged interference from spies

It is a matter of fact that law enforcement agencies have infiltrated the Australian university sector, to such a degree that Aussie students complain that there are often more spies in some of their classrooms, (inclusive of contracted university tutors spies), than there are real students, who are only interested in learning skills and gaining a tertiary degree. This is particularly the case in Melbourne and within online tutorial sessions, housed by online providers, such as Open Universities Australia (OUA).

Foreign governments are aware of the industrial scale spying, allegedly employed within Australia’s university sector, so much so that well informed foreign governments repeatedly warn their home country students, to not speak within Australian classrooms, due to the alleged recording and dissemination of classroom discussions to Australia’s spy agencies.

No such warnings are given to Australian students, by Australian governments, instead such Australian students that complain about the privacy breaches, spying and IP theft, have been observed to have been failed on their university studies, presumably in acts of retribution.

Australian democracy for sale, as politicians take “blood money” on an ever expanding scale

Australian human rights advocates have expressed increasing concern, that allegedly rogue organisations such as the exclusive brethren, Australian Capital Reserve, the Estate Property Group, the National Australia Bank, Woolworths, Nine Entertainment and others, have allegedly “sponsored” Australian politicians, through questionable fund raising entities such as; treasurer Joe Hockey’s; North Sydney Forum, the Liberal National Party’s; Free Enterprise Foundation and former treasurer Peter Costello’s; Higgins 200 Foundation.

These dirty back room deals, where blood money has allegedly been given in exchange for assurances, believed to have included; systematic torture, oppressive surveillance of targets, interference in police investigations, as well as criminal and civil trials, (involving large companies executives), in addition to the large scale theft of intellectual property.

Moreover global observers are alarmed that the Australian government is attempting to remove all oversight mechanisms within Australia, that democratic nations enact, to expose law enforcement and intelligence agency corruption.


Australia experiencing a mass human rights epidemic, due to rogue spies and criminal informants, alleged corruption

Federal Attorney General George Brandis, should be ashamed of himself for attempting to legitimize the criminal activity, civil liberty breaches and mass human rights abuses of Australia’s spies and law enforcement agents.

Such a move if instituted, will mark the beginning of the end of Australia’s once envied reputation in the world, as “the lucky country”.

Currently Australia is perceived around the world as one of the worst human rights abusing nations of any country, in the western world.

As it stands Australia is viewed by the worlds people as a greater human rights abuser than even; Egypt, China, Russia, the USA and Iran.

This is not a reputation that Senator Brandis, Dennis Napthine or David Irving should be proud of.

Australian human and social capital rapidly depleting, as Australian entrepreneurs, innovators, sports stars and emerging artists, increasingly flee overseas to escape interference from spies, corrupt politicians and rogue police.

Already Australia’s entrepreneurs, long fed up with the Australian government allegedly hacking into their computer networks and email accounts and stealing their intellectual property and selling it to large commercial organisations, are shifting their business and residences overseas.

Young Australian innovators, technologists, sports stars and emerging artists are also leaving Australia in droves, shifting Australia’s human and social capital, as well as its intellectual and cultural wealth and sporting talents to foreign nations, that values their skills, abilities, privacy and intellectual property.

It is predicted that with the proposed spying changes being implemented, Australia will become an economic wasteland within three years, or indeed much sooner.

Should Australian spooks continue to commit criminal activity against innocent Australian citizens, it is predicted that within five years, that the only Aussies left residing within the country, will be the; poor, the disabled, the unemployed, the elderly and retired pensioners, in addition to the crime networks and desperate foreigners.

Australian politicians, spies, rogue law enforcement agencies and corrupt commercial organisations and religious cults have been warned, they are architecting a template for social, economic and political disaster, for which it will take decades for Australia to recover from.

It has been observed that Australian governments agencies, tendency to model ill considered American models of spying governance, should take better note, that what has caused chaos and despair, mass unemployment, feelings of ill will, hostility and economic decline in the USA, will absolutely fail and cause immense hardship, anarchy and destruction within Australia.

In fact Australia’s public fall from grace, will be even greater that the USA’s, due to the situation where the Australian government has removed all public interest, oversight mechanisms, designed to monitor their abuses of power and corruption.

Dirty spies suffer significantly higher rates of suicide, “untimely deaths”, feelings of remorse, mental illness and substance abuse than the general population

The act of spying on fellow citizens shows an inherent character flaw and moral deficiency in the actions of the spy.

Australian spies are viewed throughout the world as juvenile delinquents, whose arrogance is only matched by their willingness to take it up the arse from Uncle Sam.

Australia’s rogue spies, should be informed that eventually, if not already, that through their continued “dirty trickster activity”, they will succumb to an never ending mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, for which there is no respite. When they finally realize they have been mislead by their respective government agencies, to cover up criminal scandals, allegedly committed on behalf of senior bank executives (who donate blood money to political foundations); corrupt politicians (who have alleged affairs with seedy characters); and property developers (whose rape crimes, as well as drug trafficking and money laundering type activities), which all require one big mother f#*^er of a spy carpet, to be swept under, by dirty spies and bent cops.

One final word of caution to all dirty spies and criminal informants: You sow what you reap.

The law of karmic retribution is inescapable. Every crime and human rights abuse that you personally commit to another human being, is monitored and will rebound back on you more than ten fold.

Be further warned: that the wheels of karmic retribution are swinging more rapidly now, than any individual can ever possibly imagine.

Dirty spies: Do not say you were not warned, you have free will to say no.


The aforementioned opinions are democratically enshrined free speech, as detailed in Article 19, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights doctrine.

It has been noted that all Australians have an inherent right to shine a spotlight on the “mistakes” and corruption of; government agencies, criminal bankers, property developers, corrupt politicians, dirty spies and bent coppers.

It is understood that many people will be ashamed and embarrassed, when their alleged criminal infractions are exposed to a global spotlight. That is what free speech, democracy and the role of the fourth estate is all about, exposing the darkness to a super strength global spotlight.

Take further notice that our researchers have respectfully obeyed all laws of the red land, in disseminating such truths to the people. These messages are imparted in good faith, to alert corrupt entities to the immense harm and absolute destruction and ill will and hostility, that their previous and proposed criminal activities, are causing within the Australian community.

Also be advised that our CREW hold no evidence, notes, recordings or information whatsoever on their computers, electronic devices, residential or business premises, concerning this or any other article on this web forum.

Should any person be feeling suicidal after reading these words, they are strongly encouraged to stop engaging in spying and criminal activity and donate their full proceeds of their life long, criminal activities, to a registered charity, that assists either the homeless, or the disabled peoples of Australia.

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