Spring Street’s carpets resembling Mount Everest, with more dirt being swept under the carpet.

A crisis is looming in the Victorian parliament, with many MP’s heads predicted to roll in the near future. Insiders claim that cover ups of epic proportions are being played out behind the scenes in Spring Street, Melbourne. The alleged corruptions concerns historical abuse of power, gross incompetence and absolute skullduggery at play during John Brumby’s and Ted Baillieu’s former reign as Premier of Victoria.


News has come to light that a senior Liberal National Party (LNP) MP, Philip Davis, has resigned today, citing “The time was right” to resign. It’s time indeed.

Mr Davies unusually timed resignation, represents a growing trend of ‘cut and run’ departures executed by many a Victorian politician in recent years.

The coincidence with the timing of his resignation, colliding with alleged cover ups of massive corruption, occurring within Victoria’s anti-corruption commission – IBAC, has not been missed with keen observers of all things involving dirty politicians.

It is predicted that in the near term around seven or more Victorian MP’s will resign. It is anticipated they will leave parliament for “personal”, “family” or ”health” reasons.

We can also state that insider’s clam that former senior LNP MP, Ted Baillieu will allegedly soon announce his resignation, to take effect in November 2014.

It is widely believed that Mr Baillieu is allegedly planning on taking up various board positions at Melbourne University and either an arts or museum position, post politics.

Ted Baillieu is a controversial figure in Victorian politics, winning the premiership on a wave of public inflated popular support. Only to lose almost his entire support base mid term.

Former premier Baillieu’s shock resignation left Victoria in a state of profound disrepair. With mass unemployment, a collapsed economy, stagnant consumer spending, depressed consumer confidence in government, sky rocketing homelessness, entrenched organized crime across many sectors, growing power and influence of bikies, iterative police corruption scandals and broken health and justice systems.

Furthermore, it is estimated that the alleged cover ups, the architecture and implementation of the disastrous and ineffective IBAC and other alleged criminal activities, not yet in the public domain, have exacerbated the myriad of problems the Brumby / Bracks regimes left, when they lost political power in 2010.


As it stands Victorians are growing increasingly tired with the aging dinosaurs, roaming around Spring Street, with their blinkers on, puporting to be politicians.

Both the LNP and the ALP are out of favor with voters in Victoria. The LNP is perceived as blind, deaf and stuck in the dark ages. Whereas the ALP are mostly viewed as arrogant, allegedly corrupt and a political extension of organized crime networks.

It is further predicted that come early 2014, around 30 or more Victorian MP’s will announce their resignations, with a variety of convenient excuses.

Insiders state that Australian’s will see a series of unexpected changes, never witnessed before in Australian politics. Which will transform and renew the Australian political landscape in 2014.

People dreading a repeat of the past six years of government are advised that there will be no more repeats of the Gillard versus Rudd soap opera.

It is important to note that dinosaurs where wiped off the earth some time back, due to unforeseen meteorites and profound earth changes. Spring Street dinosaurs seem not to be heeding the lessons of their predecessors archaic ways. Profound secrecy, cover ups and protection rackets run on behalf of shady characters and mistresses, always ends in meteorites wiping out the existence of their species. The LNP are strongly encouraged to get with the global program and actually practice free speech, social justice, transparency and accountability, rather than just giving sound bite, lip service to the new method of governing.

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