‘Captain’ Gillard’s PM-Ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean. As Vanquished first mate, KRudd saves the day

Vanquished and vilified back bench-er  Federal MP KRudd has saved and our economy from catastrophic destruction. By playing to Ms Gillard’s weaknesses, being; her short fuse, lack of judgment and poor critical thinking, the Rudd camp allegedly circulated a secret ballot, to force a leadership spill within the Labor Party ranks. The resulting outcome sees ‘Captain’ Gillard’s PM-ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean.  It has been surprising to observe some of Ms Gillard’s dirty rats, such as Bill Shorten and Jason Claire, who jumped ship, prior to it sinking to save themselves.

sunken ship

We have been safely predicting since December 2010, that Julia Gillard would lead the Labor Party to the bottom of the ocean. We also repeatedly stated since this time that the ALP will meet with a catastrophic defeat in the 2013 election, with only Kevin Rudd and possibly one other to be given life buoys to retain their seats.

It has only been through such extraordinary interventions on behalf of the Australian people, that Mr Rudd’s leadership spill, that such a catastrophic defeat will be partially curtailed.

After meeting with much ridicule and repeated attempts by Ms Gillard and her inner sanctum to silence our words, it has been found that indeed our predictions were accurate.

Long regarded as Australia’s worst ever Prime Minister, Julia Gillard engaged in debased debauchery, the likes of which Australians have never bore witness to before. Behind the scenes Ms Gillard acted as a ruthless dictator, silencing oppression, allegedly interfering in judicial matters, forcing companies to sack innocent people for perceived slights, bankrupting hard-working small business and systematically torturing hundreds of thousands of Australian citizens and refugees, all because they dared to stand up and speak out against her dark regime of terror and corruption.

Ms Gillard’s time in high office is marred by alleged corruption, extensive links to organised crime figures, in addition to mass human rights abuses inflicted against innocent people right across Australia.


It is accurate that Ms Gillard and her co-conspirator MP, Michael Danby complained prior to and on the day of the June 26, 2013 leadership spill, that powerful and influential forces within the underground networks had been working tirelessly to expose her regimes alleged corruption and criminality.

It is also true that these selfless whistle-blowers, human rights and civil liberties activists have been assisting police and government departments across Australia, in addition to international law enforcement agencies and human rights entities to extract and secure evidence of the Gillard’s regimes alleged criminality.

To date we have viewed evidence to support a multitude of criminal charges to be laid against Ms Gillard and her inner sanctum.  The alleged infractions include; conspiracy to murder, torture, fraud, theft, bribery, extortion, perversion of the course of justice, money laundering, in addition to significant human rights abuses, civil liberty and privacy breaches.


It is only a matter of time before the full details of the Gillard regimes and former Victorian Premier John Brumby’s involvement in alleged mass corruption and criminality is fully exposed, for the world to see.

We have been reliably informed that when Kevin Rudd was knifed and dumped as Australia’s much loved Prime Minister in June 2010, that a cry for help went out across the world.  Many civic-minded individuals took up the challenge and strategically seeded themselves into various state and federal departments, financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and corporations across Australia.

We have been advised that their mandate was simple; gather as much evidence as possible of all the corruption and criminal activity perpetrated by the Gillard and Brumby regimes, their MP’s advisers and government bureaucrats.

We have patiently sat idle, while this evidence of mass wrongdoing by members of the ALP and government bureaucrats has been extracted from various departments, fully encrypted for safe keeping and stored on international servers.


Far from the whistle-blowers beliefs that the alleged corruption was limited to a handful of individuals, it has been found that the corruption and links to international organised crime gangs is widespread across government departments throughout Australia.  It appears that Melbourne has been the hub of alleged criminal activity within Australia, since 2006.

Ms Gillard and Co.  have no right to complain about courageous citizens spying on her and extracting evidence of her regimes wrong doing, the disclosures of such activities are very much in the public interest.  Ms Gillard and her co-conspirators ought to suck it up and serve out all the time handed down by the courts when they are all sent off to goal.

Ms Gillard is a hypocrite to complain about spying when she herself placed vast numbers of spies into ordinary organisations such as; unions, police agencies, sporting clubs, church groups, mother clubs, university classes and corporations.  These individuals were involved in treacherous roguery, by feeding back malicious misinformation to the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, furthering the aims of Ms Gillard’s ill guided regime.

Vast numbers of innocent Australian citizens and refugees have been frog marched out of their workplaces, denied legal representation, refused medical treatment, maliciously bullied, endlessly harassed and wrongly thrown out of  their university courses and social groups, due to the alleged mass corruption perpetrated on them by Gillard and Brumby’ s team of dirty spies.

dirty spies

We can confirm and will soon name the criminal entities that had embedded themselves, within former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s inner sanctum.   Additionally we will also publicly reveal the evidence we have sighted that supports the alleged mass corruption and infiltration of criminal elements into the former Victorian Office of Police Integrity body.

Moreover we will detail information from our sources who have confirmed that around ten percent of Victoria Polices workforce has in some way been corrupted and or is secretly working for criminal entities.

The Victorian public is exceptionally grateful that current Victoria Police Chief Ken Lay indeed confirmed our comments around March this year, that members of organised crime and bikie gangs had in fact infiltrated the police organisation.  There remains however a significant amount of corruption and criminal infiltration that the Australian public is yet to be informed about.

org crime blood money

This alleged corruption inflicted on millions of innocent Australian’s and our refugees is the most shameless and disgraceful act of treachery that Ms Gillard, yet alone any political operative has ever dared to engaged in.

We have further been advised that on yesterday’s Sunrise television program that Mr Rudd, Ms Gillard and another senior ALP MP, were all present to be interviewed after the previous days historic events.  Events allegedly transpired on Sunrise that saw a senior ALP MP and Kevin Rudd both demand that Julia Gillard leave Canberra immediately.  So desperate is the ALP to rid their party of the corrupt influence of Ms Gillard, that the former and current leaders of the party had to make such explosive statements on mainstream television.

Kevin Rudd sworn in as PM in June 2013

Make no mistake; Julia Gillard is absolutely despised within Victoria.  Woman across Australia and especially woman who reside within Victoria loathe Ms Gillard.  Females on Melbourne streets are so incensed with Ms Gillard’s alleged corruption that they want “to cut off her balls”…and “hang them (Ms Gillard’s (balls)) from Parliaments entrance”. Presumably an act to remind politicians to beware of any further acts of bastardry.

Fury has been noted as emanating thick and fast from woman across Melbourne yesterday, as growing collections of females from the suburbs to the inner city sung in unison about how corrupt, incompetent and dishonest Gillard was.  Every single person interviewed, especially the females, aged 20 to 75 all agreed Ms Gillard should be charged by police and jailed for her mass corruption and abuse of power.

Make no mistake Julia Gillard is no role model for woman. The opposite is true.  Her actions alone have turned off a whole generation of females from entering politics and aspiring to the high office of Prime Minister.

More importantly the misguided Julia Gillard and her inner sanctum have allegedly protected, in addition to politically and financially supported, through government contracts and grants, a number of serial rapists, mass murderers and pedophiles.

child abductions of mr cruel

Ms Gillard’s hypocrisy in addition to her false and malicious allegations of misogyny directed towards Tony Abbott is an embarrassment to all woman across the world.  If Ms Gillard wishes to understand how a real misogynist behaves, she should spend a day in the company of a serial rapist, and sadistic torturer of woman and children. Then and only then will she understand the error of her ways.

hot chocoloate rapist

Despite Ms Gillard’s dubious earlier polls allegedly stating that inner city progressives and females supported Ms Gillard, in three years of surveys we have only found one female that fits this mould.

This female, a Gillard supporter has a long history of criminal activity, allegedly including theft, fraud and murder.  Not surprisingly this sole Gillard supporter name sits on Emily’s list.  Even more unsurprising, is that this woman and her sisters have all been given lucrative government contracts by both the Labor aligned Gillard and Brumby governments.

female prisoner

This case study will soon be publicly released. Absolutely no one is surprised that Ms Gillard stooped so low, as to have allegedly engaged and funded well-known criminal entities to prop up her illegitimate campaign as Prime Minister. This horrific example of poor due diligence just highlights Ms Gillard’s ineptitude in judgment and poor critical thinking skills.

The scale and extent of the Gillard regimes alleged corruption is so significant and deeply entrenched that it is conservatively estimated that it will take 40 years and hundreds of billions of dollars, to undo the mass of alleged corruption that Ms Gillard and her colleague and former mentor John Brumby have caused Australian citizens and our economy.

silenced truth with corruption

Every single person that has supported Ms Gillard in her campaign as Prime Minister has blood on their hands.  Their silence in not exposing the corruption and involvement in suppressing the truth of the alleged mass fraud and systematic torture inflicted on many Australian people and our refugees is shameless.

blood on handsjpg

The Australian people fully support Kevin Rudd and his chosen team to undo the vast damage Gillard & Co. has created. We also request Mr Rudd to immediately bring Australia’s asylum seekers back to our mainland from both Nauru and Manus  islands, to be humanely treated with respect and compassion as human beings.

No such leniency should be afforded to Ms Gillard.  As it is the absolute wish of the Australian people for Ms Gillard and her co-conspirators, John McTernan, Nick Reece, John Brumby, Tim Holding and Andrew Landyou to be escorted to Manus Island.  Only then will Australians know they are safe from the tyranny of evil and believe that justice has been served.

A film trailer that canvasses very similar themes and events, including the 2013 leadership spill, to those depicted in Australian Federal Parliament in 2010 -2013.

The aforementioned words are politically protected free speech, as defined in the Freedom of expression and freedom of opinion legislation, Article 19, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Doctrine (1948).

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