ALP’s catastrophic defeat at looming election or exile for ‘Captain’Gillard?

Around June 2010 Australian Labor Party MP, Julia Gillard began on a perilous journey.  After mutiny on the bounty Ms Gillard set sail on a rudderless ship, charting her course into the dangerous high seas.

Repeatedly ignoring both the Australian public and media, in addition to her own crews request to walk the plank, Ms Gillard has dug her heels into the deck and has until now, remained Captain of the ALP.

tow boat

Growing increasingly exasperated with the Gillard regimes poor performance, the Australian Public have repeated called on Opposition Leader Tony Abbot to tow ‘Captain’ Gillard’s  sinking ship to Gilligan’s island.

It appears that Mr Abbott has lacked the political courage to embark on such a risky endeavour.  As a consequence Australian’s are left with the worst government regime ruling the country, in our nation’s history.

Three years after beginning her journey Ms Gillard is set to fight her fiercest storm yet.  Tonight Ms Gillard faces Australia’s much loved golden politician, Kevin Rudd.  Hearing the relentless calls from the Australian people Mr Rudd has agreed to challenge the self-appointed ‘captain’ of Australian politics.

Moreover Ms Gillard’s, dishonesty, incompetence, lack of judgement and underwhelming critical thinking has set the ALP on course for a catastrophic defeat of epic proportions, in this coming September 2013 election.

If Mr Rudd succeeds he may well indeed throw a few life buoys to save some of his fellow colleagues at the looming 2013 Federal Australian election.


Over the coming days, it is most certain that whoever will lead the ALP to the next Australian Federal election, will have a monumental task to undo the vast amount of damage and right the multitude of wrongs, that the Gillard Regime has left Australia in.

Under Ms Gillard’s stewardship Australia’s previously enviable economy is steadily collapsing, with mass under reported unemployment, sky rocketing numbers of homelessness and near starvation and malnutrition of millions of Australian citizens and refugees.  Many of these citizens are under the enormous weight of ever-increasing costs of living are struggling to stay afloat. It is a matter of fact that these increased costs of living, have been architected by Ms Gillard and her inner sanctum.

Issues of greater importance concern the Victorian Police’s investigations into Ms Gillard’s tawdry past as a solicitor. With potential criminal charges related to fraud and extortion, looming for Ms Gillard, the street fighter PM.

Additionally there are whispers among the corridors of power, that international whistle-blowers are on standby to expose mass alleged corruption matters, concerning; money laundering, theft of intellectual property, mass human rights abuses and systematic torture of significant numbers of Australian’s and our refugees.

Refugees that Australia as a nation, has a legal and moral responsibility to care for in a dignified and humane manner.


It is absolutely in Australia’s public interest to expose the full truths concerning members of Ms Gillard’s inner sanctum actions in recent years. It is imperative that the abuse of power and utilization of Australia’s intelligence and security apparatuses that have been deployed as tools of terror must be dismantled immediately.

One thing is certain that Ms Gillard and her inner sanctum must take full responsibility and accountability for their actions in recent years.

Gillard supporter, Bill Shorten has admitted his willingness to go down with Ms Gillard’s sinking ship. He has little choice in the matter, allegedly being co-architect to a long list of questionable activities, occurring behind the political curtains.

Self appointed “political blogger’ Andrew Landyou has also allegedly caused untold damage on Australian business and their people’s interests. For the good of Australia, he must be frog marched off Australian soil, never to return.

Ms Giilard’s Communication’s director John McTernan and her former Director of Strategy, Nick Reece, both having caused untold damage upon Australians and our national economy must also seek exile from Australia’s safe harbour, when the ballot is completed and leave Australia permanently.

It is now up to the Labor Party MP’s to finally vote with their conscience and remove Ms Gillard as ‘Captain’ of the ALP and the nation.

If for some extraordinary reason the Australian people’s wishes are ignored in tonight’s ALP ballot then, the people will be left with no choice that to force an immediate federal election and vote in a new government.

gil island2

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