Faith no more for Victoria’s Baillieu government

A new political party has been quietly formed behind closed doors during 2012, as a direct consequence of the lack of political leadership, questionable parliamentary practices of politicians operating at both a state and federal level in recent years.
The latest farcical conduct by Victoria‘s Baillieu government in forming the convoluted and impotent IBAC commission, which appears to be designed to cover up the corruption and prevent scrutiny of corrupt Victorian politicians has been a major driving force in the fast tracking of the creation of an alternative party of politicians who are intent on ushering in positive and transparent change in Australia.
It has been noted by eminent ethical bodies including: Elizabeth O’Keeffe of Transparency International; leading QC, Robert Ritcher and Victorian Ombudsman George Brouwer, that the Victorian Anti-corruption commission will be a complete waste of $170 million of taxpayers money and should immediately be scraped and re-architect-ed in a more ethical, transparent and accountable fashion.
Notable whistle blowers, human rights activists and civil libertarian advocates all claim that Victoria’s proposed IBAC body is”impotent”, “ineffectual” and “will result in corruption flourishing in the state of Victoria“.
The general consensus is Baillieu’s integrity baby will result in the already rampant political corruption to flourish and end up costing the state of Victoria tens of billions of dollars in increased legal, social, welfare and health care costs, resulting in the political ruin of the Baillieu government.
English: Detail from Corrupt Legislation. Mura...

English: Detail from Corrupt Legislation. Mural by Elihu Vedder. Lobby to Main Reading Room, Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C. Main figure is seated atop a pedestal saying “CORRUPT LEGISLATION”. Artist’s signature is dated 1896. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 As it stands Victoria maintains a most unattractive position as being one of the most dangerous states in the western world to visit and live within.
Furthermore Victoria has one of the worlds worst human rights abuse records of any state across the planet.  Additionally Victoria police maintains the public perception of being one of the most ineffectual and corrupt police forces operating anywhere in the world.  Granted >Vic Pol has slightly improved its standing within the community since Ken Lay took over as Chief of the police force in the past year.
It has also been noted that Ted Baillieu inherited most of the existing political corruption from the Brumby government two years ago.  Observers state that Baillieu’s strategy to cover up and absolve Victorian based political corruption will only end in disaster, which will short-circuit his political career and obliterate his reputation.
Within the past two years Baillieu has almost completely eroded all community goodwill and support for both himself and his political party across Victoria.  His leadership style and inability to communicate to his constituents and the greater public has been widely ridiculed.
Baillieu’s repeated unwillingness to address underlying corruption claims within the Office of Police Integrity (OPI), mass human rights abuses and long-standing issues surrounding the extraordinary series of events revolving around police corruption have left many people to question what “integrity” exists within Baillieu’s government.
Moreover Baillieu’s failure to deliver his much promised “integrity” and “fix the problems” election campaign pledges have left millions of  Victorians to feel deeply betrayed and disappointed by a political charlatan.
Since the Baillieu government came to office the wide scale problems across Victoria have amplified dramatically.
Corruption and organised crime within Victoria is expanding, the Victorian economy is in a free fall, businesses and industries are collapsing daily, unemployment is high, homelessness is skyrocketing, human rights abuses continue to be the worst of any state in the world not currently experiencing a military invasion or civil war, the cost of living has increased markedly and more than a million Victorians barely survive on less than one meal every day.
There appears to be no end in sight to the daily misery and despair experienced by Victorians.  How any rational person within the Baillieu government can suggest that they are satisfied with the current state of play within Victoria, is any ones guess.
A collective of deeply concerned citizens are in the process of forming a new political party, due to their increased frustrations with Ted Baillieu’s never-ending ignorance, his arrogant dismissal of their concerns about the continuing corruption problems and mass human rights abuses within Victoria.
Interestingly the grass-roots organisation was responsible for running a secret campaign to expose Brumby government corruption across the Eastern corridor of Melbourne, prior to the Victorian 2010 election.  An action that was instrumental in propelling the Baillieu coalition’s unforeseen formation of government within Victoria.
This new political party will stand to be elected in the up and coming 2013 Federal election.  This collective is rapidly gaining support from many key stakeholders and influential business people to introduce new legislation and execute immediate action to stamp out the cancerous corruption that exists and is spreading both within state and federal Australian political parties.
Members of this new political party include; human rights activists, civil libertarian advocates and whistle blowers who between themselves have been responsible for many of the known and unknown exposures of large-scale corruption and criminality operating within Australia over the past decade.
Some of the actions these individuals have been involved within include; the original exposure of the Health Services Union (HSU) and Fair Work Australia (FWA) scandal; the uncovering of Simon Overland’s false crime stats and other dubious actions; alerting the public to the questionable phone tapping of Sir Ken Jones, Victoria’s Liberal national Party (LNP) MP’s and their advisers phone lines; the original revelations of OPI’s abuse of power scandal concerning Mullet, Ashby and others.
Additional achievements include the discovery of rampant corruption residing within the Victorian ALP during the Brumby reign of power and the secret creation and operation of  a campaign to promote Kevin Rudd back into the seat of Prime Minister ship.
Moreover this groups has also been responsible for the original exposure of mass human rights abuses operating within Victoria’s mental health system and Victorian Department of Human Services (DHS) and the disclosure of multitudes of child sex abuse cases and pedophile rings.
Other notable success this collective have been responsible for are the secret revelations of large-scale drug trafficking, money laundering, and human trafficking activities operating within Australia’s maritime industry.
As well as the detailing of operations concerning large-scale cyber-crime and fraud networks that have been operating in silent stealth mode in Australia over the past nine years and the related exposure of foreign agents and criminal bodies that have infiltrated high level decision makers at both state and federal government body levels.
The collective has also been engaged in the original secret disclosures of police involvement within a high-profile Victorian double homicide case and the secret uncovering of mass corruption existing within Victoria’s horse racing industry and  Australia’s sporting sector.
Most importantly this collective has overseen the explosive revelations of corruption and abuse of power operating within Victoria’s OPI body.
This new collective of proposed politicians is promising to make bold revelations under parliamentary privilege when they are elected to Parliament in 2013.
Some of the alleged exposures they are promising to reveal include; the full truth behind Kevin Rudd’s political assassination, the perpetrators involved and their tax payer funded benefits received for their role in the political disaster; the names of many ALP MP’s and their advisers connections to organised crime figures and the lucrative government contracts and tax payer funded grants received by criminal entities as a result; the revelations concerning individuals involved in exposing Simon Overland‘s questionable practices, their motives and links; the names of organisations, individuals who orchestrated and profited from mass human rights abuses against Victorian citizens; the names and locations of foreign trust accounts and company accounts linked to Australian MP’s, their advisers and senior government bureaucrats who have systematically siphoned off billions of dollars of tax payer funds over the past decade for their personal gain; in addition to the most explosive revelations concerning mass corruption and protection by some government MP’s and their advisers of international paedophile rings, including Australia’s worst mass murderer and serial child abuser “Mr Cruel’s” real identity.
Importantly the full truth will be publicly revealed concerning the names and actions of all individuals and government MP’s that have been complicit in ensuring the “Mr Cruel” has been protected.  His associated extortion and bribery practices will be exposed that have enabled him to remain free to continue to kidnap, rape, torture, maim and kill innocent women and children again and again and again.
One thing that is certain about humanity today is that we live in interesting times.  Australian people are no longer willing to sit back and allow politicians to abuse power and operate in clandestine mode for their own personal gain.  The people have had enough and will no longer tolerate corruption, largess and greed by those who believe they are better than the rest of society.
The Baillieu and Gillard governments may like to take heed and listen to the words of heavy metal band Faith No More, whose “Epic” song words sends a pertinent message from the Australian people; “You want it all, but you can’t have it, It’s in your face but you can’t grab it”.

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7 responses to “Faith no more for Victoria’s Baillieu government

    • Hi J.J.

      I am unable to confirm which players are connected to what political party. The key issue here is alliances are being formed behind the scenes that will profoundly shape the Australian political landscape over the coming year. Likewise corrupt alliances linked to the old power groups will all be exposed publicly and collapse with an almighty thud. You will just have to sit tight and watch events transpire, as 2013 will be a very interesting and enlightening year for many and catastrophic for those that have long abused power.


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